Air Pollution Control, filtration & separation, refactory lining and specialised conveying

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Leading supplier of technology driven high quality products designed specifically for
Air Pollution Control, fume & dust extraction, filtration and separation, refractory armouring and specialised conveying





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Welcome to Kentech

We are a leading supplier of technology driven high quality products designed specifically for Air Pollution & Dust Control, fume & dust extraction, filtration and separation, refractory hexmesh and wire mesh conveyors.

Each product, which has an enviable worldwide acceptance, is the result of continued research and development aimed at meeting environmental demands and the specialised needs of the oil & petrochemical, chemical, food, minerals, metallurgical, mining, textile, pulp & paper and wood industries plus water & effluent treatment.

Please head to the product tab above or the applications page or to any of the links to the right where a few typical applications are identified to take you to the relevant page. If your particular application or requirement is not outlined please let us know as we pay great attention to understanding and meeting the specific needs of clients.

We also offer system erection, product installation and supervision services as well as product development.

Because of our commitment to supplying high quality equipment for air cleaning and dust extraction we have teamed up with Coral Engineering S.r.L an Italian manufacturer of portable and fixed fume collectors, smoke and dust extractors. Centralized dust collection & filtration systems including:

Welding fume collector, Oil mist filters, Toxic fume extractor, Wood dust filter, hepa filters, fume & dust extractor arms, dust bag filter, Venturi scrubber, dust extraction systems.

RMIG A/S range of sugar screen producs for batch centrifugals, including rotary vacuum filter screens / mud filter screens, pulp press screens and tubular backing screens, as well as a wide range of other ancillary screens for food, brewing and milling.

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