Advantages of different types of filtering screen and wire mesh


Perforated screen plates, wedge wire, woven mesh for filtering and separation


ADVANTAGES of different screen types

A complete range of fine hole and perforated screen plates, wedge wire and woven wire mesh to improve the efficiency of virtually all applications involving filtering and separation of liquids and solids.


  • Greatly increases milling, filtration and separation throughput due to their specific hole shape
  • Product exits the aperture faster due to the limited resistance
  • Screen material thickness can be up to 6 times greater than the conical hole


  • Perforation by machining enabling a variety of conical, stepped, cylindrical or straight hole screens
  • Perforations can be smaller than plate thickness, enabling high open area screens with small holes
  • Available in a wide range of materials and finishes with perforations from 1 to 6 mm


  • An economical solution with holes from 0.3mm diameter in plates up to 6000x2000
  • Can be supplied with a variety of perforations including - round, square and slotted
  • Supplied in high tensile, stainless and special alloy steels, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze etc


  • Large open areas guaranteeing a very low pressure drop through the filtering surface
  • Slots have only two particle contact points, which minimizes the risk of blinding and clogging.
  • Wedge wire screens are inherently strong and able to provide extended life


  • Special support meshes where the wire diameter is larger than the aperture
  • Twilled Dutch weaves provide very fine filtration qualities with a high level of stiffness
  • Woven VICO-Multiplex® cloths have no mesh openings resulting in very high filtration qualities


  • catalyst support and containment in reactors
  • continuous chemical plant waste water and de-watering processes
  • filtering and separation in beer & wine production plants
  • filtering and separation in presses for juice, edible oil and food processes
  • filtering and separation in chemical plant and potassium industry
  • filtering and separation of impurities in extruders for plastic and synthetic fiber production
  • filtering and separation of impurities in pulp & paper presses
  • filtration and separation in juice, sugar and starch production
  • increasing product throughput in the milling of plastics, grain and animal feed
  • separation of solid materials in linear & vibrating screens in mining
  • separation of solids in screens for cement, lime and plaster processes
  • wire mesh burners for boilers

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