Advantages and Applications of Van Tongeren Cyclones and Multicyclones.


Cyclone separators for boilers and process plant for new emission legislation

  ADVANTAGES of Van Tongeren Cyclones &

APPLICATIONS of Van Tongeren Cyclones & Multicyclones

  • Absence of moving parts reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Considerable flexibility of gas throughput without upsetting efficiency.
  • Cyclones can be used for high gas pressure operation.
  • Cyclone separators handle a wide variety of dusts and materials.
  • Efficiencies are consistent and will remain so throughout cyclone life.
  • For abrasive dusts construction can be in heavy plate or special materials.
  • For high temperatures, cyclones can be refractory lined and constructed from special steels.
  • Increasing inlet concentration does not lower overall efficiency percent.
  • Known areas of heavy wear can be designed for easy replacement.
  • Pressure drop is constant for a given duty




  • dust collection in dryer and cooler processes
  • gas cleaning and product recovery in spray dryers
  • particulate recovery of 5 microns [and below]
  • recovery of particulate in malaeic anhydride process reactors
  • ultra fine gas cleaning of fluid catalytic cracking (FCCU) regenerator gases


  • dust separation in metallurgical process mills
  • fine particulate recovery in fluidised bed combustors
  • gas cleaning in coal gasifiers and activated carbon plants
  • particulate recovery in abrasive and high temperature gas streams
  • recovery of npk & lan fertilizer dust in coolers and dryers
  • reducing emissions in boilers and process plant to meet new air quality standards of 170mgs/Nm3, 150mgs/Nm3, 120mgs/Nm3 and below
  • reducing emissions in fluidised bed boilers
  • zinc dust recovery in galvanizing plants


  • powder recovery in pharmaceutical sterile processes
  • product recovery in milk powder, coffee and cereal plants

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