Advantages and Applications of Wire Mesh Belts


Looking for wire mesh conveyor belts for temperatures of minus 150 to 1150 C ?


Wire Mesh Belts Advantages and Applications

If you are looking for wire mesh conveyor belts with a variety of weaves and styles designed to suit each individual process application, for temperatures of minus 150 to 1150 degrees C and an extensive range of mesh styles then we can help.

  • An extensive range of belt types & styles for economical solutions to almost all conveying
  • Available with drive chains and special guard edges
  • Close mesh weaves for applications requiring perfectly flat surfaces
  • Construction in many types of materials for corrosive and acidic applications
  • Easy to clean due to the high open area of many wire belt types
  • Excellent filtration and separation characteristics with appropriate mesh styles
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio for conveying products outside the scope of other belt types
  • High open areas to provide excellent de-watering and separation characteristics
  • Low and high temperature capability from 150º to 1150º C due to use of special alloy steels.
  • Multi directional flexibility of VICO-Flex & VICO-Traflex belts due to special mesh construction
  • Mesh styles suitable for both straight, curved and spiral applications
  • Capability to customize wire conveyor belts to suit specific applications for maximum productivity


  • baking oven belts for the production of bread, biscuits and pizzas.
  • cooling and freezing tunnels for continuous pasteurising lines for preserves and drinks
  • spiral tower and tunnel conveying belts for proofing, cooling and freezing of bread


  • continuous mesh belts in sintering and brazing furnaces
  • continuous ovens for insulating wool production plants


  • component washing tunnels in the automotive industry
  • continuous conveying lines for enameling, PTFE coating and brazing
  • continuous driers for the production of polyester fibers, wadding, non woven fabrics and felts
  • continuous drying ovens for textiles and leather tanning
  • continuous sacking machines in the cement industry
  • drying lines for veneer and wood laminate production
  • heating furnaces for bottle conveying in the glass industry
  • sterilization lines in the pharmaceutical industry
  • tunnels and continuous conveying lines for the production of rubber sheeting
  • tunnels for continuous lines for shrink wrapping and vacuum packing

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