CONIDUR®Gas Distributing Cones to prevent agglomeration in hoppers & silos


CONIDUR® -Gas Distributing Cones made from CONIDUR® - Hole Sheets are selected to ensure a
uniform air flow to prevent agglomeration of product in silos


Conidur Fine Hole sheets

Conidur® - Hole Sheet Cone made of multiple
parts for fluidised bed applications

CONIDUR® -Gas Distributing Cones made from CONIDUR® - Hole Sheets are selected to ensure a uniform air flow to prevent agglomeration of product in silos. Each cone finish is adapted to the given volume of gas which is required for fluidisation.

CONIDUR® Fine Hole Sheets are creating new opportunities for bulk material flow in silos and air slide conveying.

Silos are gaining increasing importance in the processing and treatment of products, with the need for bulk materials not only to be stored, but dried and kept flowing, without the need for vibrators.

CONIDUR® -Gas Distributing Cones are available as complete items ready for installation on suitable supports in the base of silos or hoppers

Due to the arrangement of CONIDUR® -Gas Distributing Cones a uniform air flow to the product is ensured, so heat accumulation is prevented, resulting in a reduced drying time, higher efficiency and consequent savings in energy, whilst also improving product discharge.

One of the most important advantages in using CONIDUR® - H o l e Sheets is that the airflow is angled by the shape of the holes, and can thus be directed accordingly. This feature means the angle of the silo discharge cone can be made less acute or nearly horizontal depending on the product characteristics. The directed airflow also transports the product to the silo outlet thus improving product discharge.

This angled air flow feature when used as a distribution deck in an air slide means CONIDUR® is a serious alternative to other forms of material conveying.

Advantages of CONIDUR® Fine - Hole Sheets.  
  • simple installation in existing silo units
  • high load capacity with appropriate support
  • improving product discharge through optional airflow
  • adaptable to a given air volume
  • finest hole perforation possible in relatively thick
  • conical hole form prevents clogging, self cleaning
  • electrolytical treatment of the plates provides passive
    surface preventing adhesion of product.

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