Filtering baskets, cylinders, discs, trays and fabricated parts


An extremely diverse range of punched plate, drilled plate and milled perforations, plus a variety of wire meshes, provides a basis for fabricating baskets, cylinders and screens to suit individual designs

Costacurta perforated cylinder
edged filters discs

Fabricated parts, baskets, cylinders, filtering discs and trays

Perforated baskets and cylinders
Looking for filtering & fabricated parts, baskets, cylinders, discs and trays made from an extremely diverse range of perforated, punched, drilled & milled plate or wire mesh to suit your individual designs?

These can be supplied with flanges end on end, stiffening rings and diverter plates with final machining to suit process requirements, as specified in pulp and paper screens for filtration and separation and many screens for the food and chemical processes.

Costacurta screen baskets and screen cylinders can also be fabricated from a combination of wire mesh, perforated sheets or wedge wire in a variety of materials for applications covering de-watering and effluent

Perforated trays

Chemical and petrochemical industry requirements for distillation trays can be produced to suit specific process parameters. These can be met where special perforated configurations are called for, which often dictate the need for individual tailor made dies.

Fortunately Costacurta has gained considerable experience in the production of small hole perforations and has the ability to perforate materials where the punched hole diameter is required to be smaller than the plate thickness. Trays can be supplied in one piece or multiple sections

Filter discs
To meet the demand for filter discs used in spinning machines for synthetic fibers and high polymers along with extrusion heads for plastic materials. Costacurta manufacture a very large range of filter discs in a wide variety of shapes and sizes supplied either in a spot-welded format, alternatively with or without aluminum edging.

Filter discs can be produced in many different finely woven cloths and mesh styles such as Hollander weave, also in a variety of materials using single cloths or multiple cloth combinations.

For synthetic fiber discs and many other applications they can be supplied ultrasonically cleaned.



undedged filters discs

Costacurta Milled cylinder

Wedge wire basket


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