Advantages of different screen types


Punched, machined & woven screens for filtering and separation of most product applications.


ADVANTAGES of different screen types


  • Greatly increases milling, filtration and separation throughput due to their specific hole shape
  • Product exits the aperture faster due to the limited resistance
  • Screen material thickness can be up to 6 times greater than the conical hole


  • Perforation by machining enabling a variety of conical, stepped, cylindrical or straight hole screens
  • Perforations can be smaller than plate thickness, enabling high open area screens with small holes
  • Available in a wide range of materials and finishes with perforations from 1 to 6 mm


  • An economical solution with holes from 0.3mm diameter in plates up to 6000x2000
  • Can be supplied with a variety of perforations including - round, square and slotted
  • Supplied in high tensile, stainless and special alloy steels, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze etc


  • Large open areas guaranteeing a very low pressure drop through the filtering surface
  • Slots have only two particle contact points, which minimizes the risk of blinding and clogging.
  • Wedge wire screens are inherently strong and able to provide extended life


  • Special support meshes where the wire diameter is larger than the aperture
  • Twilled Dutch weaves provide very fine filtration qualities with a high level of stiffness
  • Woven VICO-Multiplex® cloths have no mesh openings resulting in very high filtration qualities


  • catalyst support and containment in reactors
  • continuous chemical plant waste water and de-watering processes
  • filtering and separation in beer & wine production plants
  • filtering and separation in presses for juice, edible oil and food processes
  • filtering and separation in chemical plant and potassium industry
  • filtering and separation of impurities in extruders for plastic and synthetic fiber production
  • filtering and separation of impurities in pulp & paper presses
  • filtration and separation in juice, sugar and starch production
  • increasing product throughput in the milling of plastics, grain and animal feed
  • separation of solid materials in linear & vibrating screens in mining
  • separation of solids in screens for cement, lime and plaster processes
  • wire mesh burners for boilers


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