VICO-Still® Hexagonal mesh and accessories for refractory armouring


Hexagonal mesh, Hexmesh or Hexmetal as it sometimes referred to is a honeycomb pattern of steel bars used to retain refractories in anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive thin wall linings used in the oil, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, and cement industries.

VICO Reo ("S" Bars)
VICO-Rep (“S” Bars)

VICO- Punch tabs - 180 deg & variable angle
VICO- Punch tabs – 180deg & variable angle


VICO range of accessories for refractory lining

Punched Tabs

To ensure refractory lining continuity at transition points in vessels lined with VICO- Still® Costacurta has designed a range of accessories referred to as punch tabs. These are used for joining unaligned surfaces together for smooth transition to avoid refractory fractures and premature erosion. They are in addition to a wide range of refractory anchors.

VICO-Rep anchors (S bars)

For air distributors VICO-Rep anchors (S-bars) are often used in combination with VICO-Stillflex, but are also an indispensable means of ensuring quick and effective means of refractory or concrete lining repair. S-bars are made from plates of any thickness and can be made in any shape requested


Costacurta produces numerous different types of anchor to meet the technical specifications of the main process and engineering companies.

VICO-Anchors of many shapes and sizes are manufactured for armouring anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive refractory linings up to 500 mm thick using round and/or flat bars, with the main materials being AISI 304, 410, 310, 321.

In addition to supply Costacurta has considerable experience in the creation of construction and assembly drawings outlining anchor layout.

Very competitive pricing is achieved due to the high production quantities generated with technologically advanced automatic machines.

  • Accessories specifically designed to avoid potential fracturing of the refractory lining
  • An extensive range of anchors, punch tabs, S bars and fittings
  • Specifically designed accessories guarantee continuity when joining unaligned refractory surfaces
  • VICO-Still accepted as a preferred supply source by leading process engineering companies


  • armouring anti-corrosive linings in chemical vessels
  • armouring of refractory linings in reactors and regenerators in catalytic cracking processes
  • armouring of small diameter pipes and repairs to maintain refractory continuity.
  • refractory lining using VICO-Rep® (s bars) for lining air distributors in catalytic cracking processes
  • refractory lining with punch tabs for continuity of unaligned surfaces


  • anti-abrasive refractory lining containment for chutes and hoppers
  • armouring for anti-abrasive linings in the cement and metallurgical production processes
  • armouring of refractory and anti-abrasive linings in high temperature cyclones
  • armouring refractory linings in furnaces and incinerators
  • refractory armouring of high temperature and anti-abrasive linings in erosive flue gas streams

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