Advantages of hexagonal mesh for thin wall refractory linings


Hexagonal mesh and accessories to avoid potential fracturing of the refractory lining


ADVANTAGES of Hexagonal mesh, Stillflex & accessories for refractory aroumouring

  • Accessories specifically designed to avoid potential fracturing of the refractory lining
  • An extensive range of hexagonal mesh, anchors, punch tabs, S bars and fittings
  • Availability in AISI 304H, 410S, 310S and carbon steel
  • Can be supplied in rolled and tailored form to suit vessel configuration and wall contours
  • Many different styles of VICO-Still hexagonal mesh
  • Specifically designed accessories guarantee continuity when joining unaligned refractory surfaces
  • Stock availability of VICO-Still flat rectangular panels 2000x1000 mm in 19 or 25mm thick
  • The easy rolling capability of VICO-Stillflex simplifies armouring pipes of small diameter
  • VICO-Still accepted as a preferred supply source by leading process engineering companies
  • VICO-Still hexagonal cells supplied with or without lances and central or staggered lances



Petrochemical and Chemical industry

  • armouring anti-corrosive linings in chemical vessels
  • armouring of refractory linings in reactors and
  • regenerators in catalytic cracking processes
  • armouring of small diameter pipes and repairs to maintain refractory continuity.
  • refractory lining using VICO-Rep® (s bars) for lining air distributors in catalytic cracking processes
  • refractory lining with punch tabs for continuity of unaligned surfaces

Metallurgical industry

  • anti-abrasive refractory lining containment for chutes and hoppers
  • armouring for anti-abrasive linings in the cement and metallurgical production processes
  • armouring of refractory and anti-abrasive linings in high temperature cyclones
  • armouring refractory linings in furnaces and incinerators
  • refractory armouring of high temperature and anti-abrasive linings in erosive flue gas stream


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