Wire mesh conveyor belts for baking, drying, filtering, washing, packing


VICO wire mesh belts & bands bread & biscuit for baking, sweets, chocolates, meat, food etc are individually designed for each application, taking into account conveyor temperature, speed, size, shape & product weight.

Type VICO-TR clinched edge
Type VICO-TR clinched edge

Type VICO-MB- CH (chain driven)

Wire mesh conveyor belts for baking, drying, filtering, washing, packing

Some of the wire mesh belts described below have similar characteristics to those in the heat treatment section, where the belts are made from wire spirals of round or flat wires and connected by cross rods. This range of mesh belts is complimented by an additional range of belt styles, which are made from flat bars, wire links and connecting wires.

Many of these wire mesh conveyor belts for canning, washing, etc can be supplied with selvages which are either welded, ladder or knuckled, but also with reinforced selvages and guard edges and if necessary with drive chains.

This range of wire mesh belts is designed for more general applications where the temperature is not above 600 deg C and thus available for great many industrial processes.

The types of materials used depend on the process conditions and the most suitable wire mesh belt style, but can be from a wide variety as shown below.

  • Carbon steel
  • Copper coated baking bands
  • Galvanised steel blest for washing & canning lines
  • Spring steel for mining conveyor belts
  • Stainless steel belts for food
  • Wear resistant steel for sand & shot blasting machines

All VICO wire mesh belts for baking, food etc are individually designed for each particular application, taking into account conveyor temperature, speed, size, shape and weight of the product along with the general process and working conditions.

Some of the industrial installations are shown below with a more extensive list on the applications page

  • bread & biscuit baking oven belts & bands
  • canning line wire mesh belts
  • wire mesh belts for continuous shrink and vacuum packing lines
  • continuous washing tunnel mesh belts
  • board drying tunnel belts
  • mesh belts for continuous chocolate coating machines
  • wire mesh belts for continuous sacking machines
  • wire mesh belts for glass lehrís
  • Honeycomb blets for most conveying applications including casting & forging






  • baking oven belts/belts for the production of bread, biscuits and pizzas.
  • cooling and freezing tunnels for continuous pasteurising lines for preserves and drinks
  • component washing tunnels in the automotive industry
  • continuous conveying lines for enameling, PTFE coating and brazing
  • continuous driers for the production of polyester fibers, wadding, non woven fabrics and felts
  • continuous drying ovens for textiles and leather tanning
  • continuous sacking machines in the cement industry
  • heating furnaces for bottle conveying in the glass industry
  • sterilization lines in the pharmaceutical industry
  • tunnels and continuous conveying lines for the production of rubber sheeting
  • tunnels for continuous lines for shrink wrapping and vacuum packing
  • An extensive range of belt types & styles for economical solutions to almost all conveying
  • Available with drive chains and special guard edges
  • Close weaves for applications requiring perfectly flat surfaces
  • Construction in many types of materials for corrosive and acidic applications
  • Easy to clean due to the high open area of many belt types
  • Excellent filtration and separation characteristics with appropriate mesh styles
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio for conveying products outside the scope of other belt types
  • High open areas to provide excellent de-watering and separation characteristics
  • Styles suitable for both straight and curved applications
  • Capability to customize conveyor belts to suit specific applications for maximum productivity

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