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Woven wire mesh suppliers of stainless and alloy steel screens, wire mesh sieves, perforated mesh cylinders, filter discs,  welded wire mesh panels and architectural mesh.

Calender weave
multiplex weave

plain dutch weave

twilled dutch weave

  • catalyst support and containment in reactors
  • wire mesh burners for boilers
  • separation of solid materials in screens in the various production process
  • Special support meshes where the wire diameter is larger than the aperture
  • Twilled Dutch weaves provide very fine filtration qualities with a high level of stiffness
  • Woven VICO-Multiplex® cloths have no mesh openings resulting in very high filtration qualities
  Specialised high quality woven wire cloths of different weaving styles including:- calendered weave, herringbone twilled weave, VICO-Multiplex® weave, plain and twilled dutch weave.

Woven wire mesh suppliers of cloths covering different weaving styles with many types from stock:-

  • Widths up to 7000mm
  • Special materials Hastaloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Titanium, Brass, Phosphor bronze, copper
  • Filtration range from 0.2 micron
  • Catalyst support meshes - aperture is smaller than the wire diameter (9.5x9.5 mesh)
  • Very fine Hollander weave (24x110, 325x2300 mesh)
  • A very large range of styles from 2 to 500 mesh for screening, filtering and separation
  • architectural mesh • belt filter cloths • brass wire mesh • calendered weave • catalyst support mesh • copper screens • copper wire mesh • Costacurta VICO-multiplex mesh • crimped wire mesh • edged filter discs • filters • filtration mesh • galvanized wire mesh • gravel screens • mesh cylinders • herringbone twilled weave • high carbon wire mesh • hollander weave • inconel wire mesh • incoloy mesh • laboratory test sieves • mesh conveyor belts • mesh panels • mesh screen • mild steel wire mesh • milling sieves • monel mesh • perforated plate • phosphor bronze wire mesh • plain dutch weave • plain weave mesh • plastic extruder filter discs • sand filter mesh • spinnerets • slotted wire mesh screens • stainless steel mesh • stainless steel wire mesh • steel mesh • strainers • titanium wire mesh • twilled dutch weave  • welded wire mesh panels • wire screen burners •  wiremesh screen • woven wiremesh cloths
All woven wire mesh can be supplied in rolls of various widths, lengths, flat panels or cut to size.
  • Twilled Dutch weave - a compact cloth using larger diameter wires than plain Dutch weave and capable of 5 micron retention, suitable for filtering.
  • Herringbone twilled weave - a special kind of twilled weave
  • Calendered weave - with pre-crimped weft wires specially calendered to give the wire cloth a relatively flat surface and strength, suitable for wet atomization processes and cathode production in the cement electrochemical industries.
  • VICO-Multiplex® - woven mesh cloths using groups of wires for both weft and warp, but without mesh openings, similar to that of a textile fiber matt. These meshes provide superior filtering qualities and high resistance to wear and tear. These wire cloths are usually supplied in carbon steel and used for wire mesh burners in boilers

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