Activated Carbon Filters

Whenever there is a need to reduce organic solvent emissions in painting operations the Coral KARB filter provides an ideal solution

Activated Carbon Filters


The Coral KARB activated carbon filters had been specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements.

Whenever there is a need to reduce organic solvent emissions in painting operations the Coral KARB filter provides an ideal solution.

Galvanised panels form the structure of the filter, which houses the pre-filtering section comprising corrugated panels, which trap the solids released during painting. The vapours then flow to the activated carbon section to absorb the gaseous phase of the emission (organic solvents contained in the paint). Purified air then passes to the ventilation section where it is discharged to atmosphere.

The Karb is available for volume flows of 9500m3/hr to 29000m3/hr to meet the requirements of their wide range of pressurised spray booths and drying ovens.

Kentech KARB



The KUBO activated carbon filters are a disposable absorber filters, which is used to adsorb high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (SOV). This carbon filters, characterized by a diamond shape, guarantees a significant life span of activated carbon, and high filtration efficiency.

These activated carbon filters comprise a welded steel structure, with air entering the filter through an entrance in the middle section. The exit for the filtered air, instead, consists of two lateral openings in the opposite section.

The activated carbon is loaded into the KUBO carbon filter through the hatch located in the upper part. Extraction of used activated carbon is via the guillotine shutter in the lower section. To facilitate easy discharge into a palletised container the outlet is located approximately 1200mm above ground level.

Kentech Kubo Carbon Filter

KUBO Carbon Filter


The CLEAN and CARBO modular filter units are used to clean and deodorise air polluted by welding fumes, gases, vapours etc.

From suction points, fumes & vapours are ducted to a pre filter and then to a number of pleated polyester fibre filter pockets, with an average 95% efficiency, each housed in a galvanised frame and then passed to a separate Carbo section consisting of a bank of micro-perforated metal mesh cylinders containing activated carbon, which deodorise the air stream prior to discharging to atmosphere or where permitted, filtered air can be released back into the work environment, thereby resulting in considerable energy saving.

Air volume capability ranges from 1500m3 to 30000m3/hr.

Kentech Clencarbo

CARBO Filter