Air Purification Towers

Coral Air purification tower for cleaning workshop air

The Coral IPERJET DF Air Purification Tower has been designed & developed for various applications in workshops where:

  • Local/source exhaust is difficult or not possible
  • Ductwork installation is complicated or not suitable
  • Air-conditioned or heated workshops to avoid energy waste in exhausting the air outdoor and the need to recycle the outside air
  • Environments where the source of pollutant/smoke is changing depending on process
  • Production, assembling and logistic areas
  • Insufficient local exhaust performed by portable units or weak filtering capability of the existing pollution control system

The benefits of the Coral IPERJET DF Clean Air Tower

  • Energy saving, reduced heating or air conditioning cost
  • Easy and low cost retrofit without need of ducting
  • Friendly transportation and installation by the crane eyelets and forklift lifting points
  • Quick maintenance of the horizontal cartridges
  • Stand alone positioning with the possibility to vary the location depending on immediate needs
  • Easy dust disposal thanks to the wheeled container
  • User friendly touchscreen panel control
  • Fully automatic constant operation thanks to inverter control and pollution control monitoring by the sniffer probe
  • Plug & play installation just with compressed air connection and electric power
  • Power consumption less than 1.5 KW per 1000 m3 of cleaned workshop air
  • Low noise operation thanks to the high efficiency backward curved fans installed
  • Slow air speed recirculation filtered air
  • Layered ventilation with a filtered air breathing zone for the workers
  • Up to 70% savings in heating costs depending on climatic conditions

The operation principle

Polluted and warm air rises and is drawn into the top inlet where it is filtered by high efficiency class M cartridges up to 99,9% of dust particles and then retuned to the workspace via low outlet diffusers.

Further purity can be achieved with optional HEPA H13 filters to achieve 99,95%.

Specifications as follows

Air flow m3/hr 10000 15000 20000
Filtering surface m2 121 181 181
Cartridges kW 6 9 9
Power 2×3 2×4 2×5.5
Sound level Avg dB 72 72 72
Hopper capacity litre 60 60 60
Floor Dimensions cm 142×198 195×208 1.95×208
Height cm 336 368 336
Weight Kg 1200 1400 1500

Coral Air Purification Tower

Coral Air Purification Tower

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