Bag & Cartridge Filters

The Coral AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter is an alternative variation of the AIRALT filter for fumes and dust collection.


The Coral AIRALT filter is a fumes and dust collector employing vertically mounted polyester cartridges or sleeves and an automatic reverse pulse cleaning system for use in general industrial, chemical & pharmaceutical applications.
The operating principle is based on contaminated air entering the hopper inlet, which due to the abrupt decrease in velocity causes the large particles to fall into the collection bin and fine or lighter particles rise to flow through the cartridges or sleeves depositing the fume or dust on the external surfaces. Periodical removal of the deposited material is undertaken by compressed air blast, which cause a high frequency oscillating motion to the filters. This cleaning process is carried out on each filter section by means of diaphragm magnetic vales managed by a cycle timer
In cartridge format the Airalt will handle volume flows from 1500 to 52000m3 per hour whereas the Airalt/M in sleeve format 1500 to 45000m3/hr
The Airalt Ex (Atex) can be supplied to work in environments where high explosion protection is required.
Kentech Airalt


Kentech Airalt-atex



The Coral AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter is an alternative variation of the AIRALT filter for fumes and dust collection, also employing an automatic backflow cleaning capability. It is designed to be used in fume suction systems or dust extraction systems, working in vacuum mode. Consisting of cartridge filter elements encased in an airtight central body, the AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter can thus be used for plants in the mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors and wherever processes that produce pollutants, such as smoke and dust, are carried out.
This filter can handle air volumes from 3600m3/hr in 6-cartridge format to 70000m3/hr with 48 cartridges.
Kentech Aircom




Aircompact for shotblast


The AIRCOM bag/sleeve filter is dust and fume purifier with an automatic reverse pulse cleaning facility. The filter designed for handling many types of powder is made of galvanised modular panels with four body sections comprising upper for sound proofing the fan area, intermediate for compressed air cleaning, central for filter sleeves & lower for hopper, rotary valve and polluted air inlet. This filter is also available in a demister version, which incorporates a pre-collector for high dust loadings to reduce the dust loading on the sleeves.

Sleeves can be supplied in range of materials including:

Polyester for – applications involving steel, cement and various dry powders.

Antistatic polyester for – plastics, dyes resins, flour, starch and coal dust

Teflon coated polyester for – oily fume, high moisture powders, welding fume, laser cutting & thermal lancing fume.

Polyamide NOMEX for – high temperature dusts, chemical processes and hot fumes.

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