Gas – Liquid Separators - Mist Eliminators and Droplet Separators

This range of gas-liquid separators are used to remove droplets to reduce the loss of expensive products, increase product purity, prevent corrosion of downstream equipment and reduce pollution

Gas – Liquid Separators

Gas – Liquid separators – mist eliminators (demisters) and droplet separators

Costacurta’s quality design and engineering expertise gained over many years involvement in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries provides a sound basis for selection and process design of an extensive range of droplet separators, mist eliminators and coalescers.

Gas – liquid separators are generally used to remove droplets carried by vapour streams in order to reduce the loss of expensive products, increase product purity, prevent the corrosion of downstream equipment and reduce pollution of vapour waste into the atmosphere.

Through continued cooperation with university research institutes Costacurta is able to develop fluid-dynamic studies for the optimization of design, sizing and performance.

VICO-Tex® – Special mist eliminators, made from layers of mesh specially arranged in a cellular structure usually supplied with support grids for prevention of carry-over in any liquid-gas processing operation to improve performance of distillation columns, vacuum flashers, fractionating towers, absorbers, evaporators, cooling towers and manufactured in a wide variety of materials.

VICO-Vane – Droplet separators for horizontal flow installed in horizontal and vertical vessels. These gas – liquid separators are made with vanes equipped with a variable number of pockets for draining the separated liquid and used for removal of droplets mainly by the inertial impaction mechanism. Used with particularly high gas velocities or when the droplets conveyed by the gas may contain small quantities of suspended solid particles or when they are highly viscous and in cases in where the use of VICO-Tex® is not recommended.

VICO-Chevron – Droplet separators for vertical gas flow using parallel moulded vanes with a shape that forces the gas to make a series of changes in direction. The droplets are removed the same way as VICO-Vane. Used to separate large droplets, which may contain small quantities of suspended solid particles, or highly viscous droplets. Normally fitted when the installation of VICO-Tex® or VICO-Vane is not possible or not recommended.

VICO-BSA – Filter candles comprising cage and coalescent filling are for separating small droplets, down to 0, 3 microns, using inertial impaction mechanism, direct interception and Brownian movement. They must operate with particularly clean vapour streams, so return very high separation efficiencies and suitable for process fluids as used in absorption columns in sulphuric or phosphoric acid plants or downstream of liquid ring  compressors or in atmospheric vapour effluent treatment plants.

VICO-Spin – Axial flow cyclonic droplet separators provide excellent separation by centrifugal force. Gas – liquid separators work with a high gas velocity enabling the use of smaller vessels at high working pressures and are only slightly affected by any changes in gas flow and clogging caused by solids in the gas stream. Suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical vessels.


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