High Efficiency Cyclones

High efficiency cyclone separators for air pollution control, reducing carbon emissions, boiler flue gas, high temperature and abrasive material collection.

High Efficiency Cyclones

High efficiency cyclone separators for Industrial & metallurgical Processes

Each cyclone separator, small or large, is designed by Van Tongeren specifically to meet the application requirements. Good particle recovery can be achieved down to 5 microns [and below] and temperatures up to 1000Deg C can be accommodated, whilst for some applications cyclones can be designed as Pressure Vessels

Van Tongeren High Efficiency cyclones supplied by Kentech and designed by Van Tongeren are individually constructed taking into account all operating variables, using programmes and data compiled over 80 plus years of successful plant installations.

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Van Tongeren high efficiency cyclone separators are specifically designed for air pollution control, reducing carbon emissions and product recovery of various types of material. They are the result of continued research since 1927 and frequently demonstrate superiority over other types of cyclonic dust collectors, where the requirement is for the maximum possible recovery of high temperature, abrasive or fine material. .

There are a considerable number of industrial applications where Van Tongeren cyclones have demonstrated exceptional results particularly where the requirement has called for high efficiency gas cleaning or product dust collection where specific design experience has been required for construction of:-

  • Cyclones separators for very abrasive materials
  • High temperature cyclones
  • Pressure vessel cyclones
  • Refractory lined cyclones

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Locally manufactured Van Tongeren high efficiency cyclones are a very cost effective means of meeting environmental regulations, carbon emission reduction or reducing the load to more sophisticated and expensive gas cleaning equipment.

Van Tongeren design

  • Cyclones for very high collection efficiency
  • Cyclones for particle recovery down to 5 microns and below
  • Cyclones for very high temperatures up to 1000 Deg C
  • Cyclones for very abrasive materials
  • Cyclones as Pressure Vessels

Some common areas of industry where High Efficiency cyclones have been used to reduce emissions under abrasive and high temperature conditions are:

  • Coal & bagasse fired boilers
  • Roasters for copper, gold & pyrites
  • Spray, Rotary & Fluid bed Dryers
  • Coal Gasifiers
  • Fluidised bed combustors
  • Silicon Smelters


Chemical and Petrochemical Processes

  • Dust collector for dryer and cooler processes
  • Hot gas cleaning and product recovery separation in spray dryers
  • Cyclone dust collector for dust recovery of 5 microns [and below]
  • Recovery of particulate in malaeic anhydride process reactors
  • Ultra fine gas cleaning of fluid catalytic cracking (FCCU) regenerator gases

Industrial, Metalurgical and Power Generation

  • Cyclone dust collector for metallurgical process mills, smelters and kilns
  • Fine particulate recovery cyclone in fluidised bed combustors
  • Hot gas cleaning in coal gasifier and activated carbon plants
  • Particulate recovery in abrasive and hot gas streams
  • Cyclone separator for npk & lan fertilizer dust in coolers & dryers
  • Dust collector cyclone for reducing emissions in fluidised bed boilers
  • Zinc dust recovery and extraction in galvanizing plants

Food and Pharmaceutical

  • Powder recovery cyclone filter in pharmaceutical sterile processes
  • Cyclone separator for product recovery in milk powder, coffee and cereal plants