Multi Cyclones

Van Tongeren’s “Multi-cell” cyclone separator for reducing carbon emissions in boilers, has been developed to produce the highest collection efficiency possible found in any form of cyclone


Multi-cell cyclone separator to achieve the highest efficiency possible

Van Tongeren’s “Multi-cell” cyclone separator has been developed to produce the highest efficiency possible with any form of cyclone to meet very high standards of emission control and particle collection.

This latest multi cyclone design of Van Tongeren “Multiclone”, cyclone separator, dust collector or grit collector comprises small diameter cyclones, employing swirl vanes to rotate the solids bearing gases for separation. For the majority of applications, these small cells usually 300mm diameter are nested closely together and housed in rectangular or round casings and because of their small diameter have higher collection efficiencies than conventional large diameter cyclones, however a full range of varying sizes of cells is available to suit specific applications, particularly for general air pollution control and boiler emissions
Van Tongeren do not make “bold claims” to recover 99.9% of ALL particles down to 5 microns since many variables affect the performance of multi cyclones and all of these must be taken into account for every application design. However Van Tongeren cyclone separators as built and supplied by Kentech and designed by Van Tongeren, have many results showing good particulate recovery down to 5 microns and below for air pollution control and product collection.

These “Multiclone” cyclone dust collector or separators are individually designed for high efficiency for each specific application and duty, taking into account all the operating variables, using computerised programmes and a data bank of information compiled over 80 years and many successful installations.

Van Tongeren’s “Multiclone”, which due to it’s simplicity, high efficiency, and compactness, is well worth consideration as an alternative to Bag Filters or expensive Precipitators, but for far less capital, operating and maintenance costs.

Kentech Multicyclones

Multi Cyclone 001

Multi Cyclone 002

Multi Cyclone 003

All Van Tongeren “Multiclones” are manufactured locally and offer a very high degree of efficiency for many operating conditions and most suitable where there is a need for the following requirement

  • All forms of industrial processes requiring powder recovery
  • Boiler flue gas cleaning
  • Dust collectors or grit arrestor for all types of solid fired Boilers
  • Coal and bagasse fired boiler cyclones
  • Designed as a pressure vessel
  • Fluidised bed combustors cyclones
  • Particle recovery down to 5 microns and below
  • Very high efficiency grit arrestor

If you have a problem and need to conform to NEW air pollution control regulations, Why not ask us first, we may have the answer and save you the expense of more complicated and maintenance intensive equipment.