High quality perforated plate for screening,
filtration and separation

High quality punched perforated plates in stock with apertures from 0,3mm dia in stainless 304, 316 & carbon steel
for hammer mills, centrifugals, diffuser plates supplied flat or rolled

Punched Plates

High quality punched perforated plates in stock with apertures from 0,3mm dia in stainless steel 304, 316 & carbon steel for hammer mills, centrifugals, diffuser plates, mud filters, supplied flat or rolled

Plate sizes of 6000×2000 can also be perforated to suit most filtration and separation applications. Thickness varies from 0,3mm to 20mm in carbon steel and 15mm in stainless steel

Normally the hole size of punched plates in stainless steel is dictated by the ratio of hole diameter to plate thickness, which cannot be less than one. However Costacurta has a very competitive advantage, particularly for critical perforations, where the hole diameter needs to be slightly smaller than the plate thickness and very close together and very small holes.

Punched plates for use as filter screens and flour milling screens can be supplied with a variety of perforations including – round, square and slotted. They can also be supplied with perforated areas in special geometric shapes, for example trapezoidal or circular crowns and with different levels of surface finishing such as butter-finishing, sandblasting and electrolytic polishing.

Other perforations include decorative patterns for architectural purposes.

In addition to flat punched plates we are also supply fabricated perforated cylinders flanged both ends, baskets, trays and screens in a combination of shapes and sizes in a many materials -: High tensile steel stainless steel, titanium, nickel, monel, incoloy, inconel, hastelloy, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze, plastic, pvc, teflon etc.

Kentech bridge slot

Bridge Slot

Kentech drilled plate

Drilled Plate

Drilled & Milled Plates

Costacurta drilled & milled plates are perforated by machining with multi-spindle heads or special multi-tool milling heads. This process enables perforations to be achieved, which are substantially smaller in size than the thickness of plate, enabling high open area screens with small hole section. Thus making them suitable as filter screens or screens for special machines and presses as used in the food, paper & pulp, milling and sludge treatment industries.

Perforation by machining enables a variety of hole sections to be achieved covering – conical, stepped, cylindrical, with perforations at 60, 45 degrees or straight.

As with punched plates, screens for flour Milling, food processing, paper & pulp screens can be offered in several materials and finishes.

Drilled perforated filter plates hole sizes are available from 0.8mm to 10mm.


  • De-watering screen plates in chemical plant waste water processes
  • Perforated plate for filtering and separation in beer & wine processes
  • Filtering screen plates for separation in juice, edible oil and food processes
  • Hammer mill screens for flour, grain, animal feed and plastics
  • Filtering and separation in chemical plant and potassium centrifuges
  • Filter screens for separation of impurities in plastic extruders
  • Filtering and separation of impurities in pulp & paper presses
  • Filtration plates for separation in juice, sugar and starch production
  • Screens for increasing product throughput in milling animal feed
  • Sieve & drum screens for filtering, sorting and sizing
  • Cleaning, sorting & drying screens for agriculture & feed industries
  • Separation of solid materials in linear & vibrating screens in mining
  • Separation screens for cement, lime and plaster processes
  • Screens for malting processes

Kentech milled plate

Milled Plate

Perforated Plate

Kentech punched plate

Punched Plate

Kentech trieur sheets

Trieur Sheets

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