Sugar Processing Screens

RMIG produce a very diverse range of screens for all major Batch Centrifugals,
as well as Cane Mud Filters for all types of Rotary Vacuum Filters.

Batch Centrifugal Screens & Cane Mud filter screens

These precision batch centrifugal screens for all major centrifuges are designed and manufactured to achieve the best possible separation and molasses run-off. The conical perforation patterns together with the high surface quality create optimal throughput and minimal clogging.

Working screens, in stainless steel 304 316L, brass and copper, with round or slotted holes can be supplied as ready to mount screens with precision lock-lap joints.

Working screens

Hole Size (mm)Pitch Centre (mm)Open area (%)Thickness / Materials (mm)

Other specifications on request

Kentech diffuser


Kentech batch centrugual

Batch Centrifugal

Kentech mud screen

Mud Screen

Centrifugal (backing) Tubular screens

Tubular slit backing screens provide optimal support for working screens enabling maximum flow of molasses between the working screen and centrifugal basket. These are supplied in segments in a wide range of sizes and shapes in a standard thickness of 1mm either in a straight pattern or staggered pattern providing

  • Optimal flow of molasses/syrup
  • Easy installation
  • High durability

Hole sizePitch centreOpen areaMaterialThickness
Tubular bridge12.0/14.0 mmConsult usStainless1.00 mm
Stabbed liner1.09 mmConsult usStainless/ brass0.5 mm

Mud Filter screens

For reclaiming the underflow from clarification Available with accurate hole perforation manufactured with uniformity in flatness and straightness for high durability and easy mounting into all types of rotary vacuum filters, to provide optimal sucrose recovery.
Hole sizePitch centreOpen areaMaterialThickness
0.5mm1.09mm19.6%Stainless0.30 – 0.40mm

* 626 hpsit

Other ancillary screens

Diffuser screens

These screens are produced according to specific customer specifications and demands and can be supplied up to 10mm thick in various hole sizes.
Hole sizePitch centreOpen areaMaterialThickness
Consult usVariousVariousStainless1.00 - 15.00mm

Pulp press screens

Are manufactured in a various sizes and most materials with accurate hole perforations ensure optimum filter efficiency.
Hole sizePitch centreOpen areaMaterialThickness
0.50 – 5.00mmVariousVariousStainless0.50 - 5.00mm
Kentech pulp screens

Pulp Screens

Kentech tubular.2jpg

Tubular Slit Staggered Backing Screen-Staggered

Kentech tubular1

Tubular Slit Backing Screen-Straight

Beet and cane pre-handling screens

We are able to offer a large range of perforation types for beet and can handling equipment in slot, round or square hole perforation and various materials and thicknesses for stone catchers, washing conveying and other ancillary equipment.

The following are just some of the centrifugals manufacturers for which we are able to supply working & backing screens

BMA (Braunschweigische Mashinenbauanstalt AG) Germany

BWS (Buckau-Wolf) – Germany

FCB (Five Cail Babcock) – France

Sangerhausen (SAG)

Silver-Weibull – USA

Thomas Broadbent – UK

Western States Macchine Co – USA

Cane Mud filter screens Rotary vacumum filters creens for

Door-oliver – USA

Mausa – Brazil

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