Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Coral vehicle exhaust extraction systems remove harmful toxic fumes at source for
mechanics and service personnel in workshops and fire stations.

Repeated exposure to diesel fumes particularly in enclosed spaces is hazardous and harmful to mechanics and operators in garages, workshops, bus and fire stations.

Breathing in high quantities of diesel exhaust fumes can cause respiratory irritation in just a few minutes with harmful consequences and lengthy exposure over many years is even more harmful.

Diesel engine exhaust fumes are a mixture of known carcinogenic gases, vapours, liquid aerosols and particles, but the soot rather than the gases is the main link to the cause of cancer as airborne particulate is easily drawn into the lungs. Diesel fumes can contain over 10 times the amount of soot particles when compared to petrol exhaust fumes.

Cancer research agencies claim that people regularly exposed to diesel fume, are up to 40 percent more likely to develop lung cancer. This is the same type cancer as that caused by asbestos. Diesel exhaust fume is also linked to the cause of bladder cancer.

Any risk to such health problems caused by diesel fumes can be reduced with a suitable extraction system. This can comprise a wide range of mechanical or electric motor-driven hose reels in varying lengths up to 17 meters or by flexible Coral extraction arms all with suction taking place directly at the emission source.


A number of individual workstations can be linked to a central duct or a flexible rail system and exhaust gas discharged to atmosphere or to a filter.

Coral fume extraction equipment is used by the following

Caterpiller                  Iveco
Citroen                       Maserati
Ferrari                        Mercedes Benz
Fiat Auto                    Peugeot
Fiat Hitachi                 Porsche
Ford                            Toyota
Honda                         Volkswagen

A Clean air environment ensures better work quality, improved productivity and less lost days due poor health.

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