Weld Fume Filters

Coral have a well-proven range of portable welding fume filters to suit all types of weld fume
and extraction of fine & coarse dust particles.

Coral Clean Go

The new Coral “CLEAN GO” is a compact wheeled portable unit designed for occasional use where extraction of smoke & dust is required. It provides an ideal solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration of solvent vapours & aerosols. The “Clean GO can be supplied with a Coral Evolution articulated arm or with the less expensive Dynaflex 2 or 3mtr flexible arm. Both arms require the lowest amount of effort to position accurately. A 1.1kW motor ensures a maximum capacity of 1400m3/hr at the new style of extraction arm hood and can be supplied for 220, 380 or 525volt making it ideal for industrial maintenance, car repair workshops, hydraulic and light mechanical workshop as well as mines.
For filter applications involving particular types of fume the cellulose cartridge can be replaced with a 2.5kg activated carbon unit.
Similar units can be supplied for wall mounting.
Kentech CLEANING new



Iperjet DF.D

Coral Cleaning DF & Jetclean DF portable fume filters

These units are capable of handling larger amounts of welding fume, fine and coarse dusts as well as small quantities of chips.
Both the Coral Cleaning & Jetclean DF1 units employ a single 150mm diameter 3mtr articulated arm & cellulose or polyester horizontal cartridge. Whereas similar units in the DF2 range powered by 1.1kw & 2.2kW motors are fitted with two cartridges, with the 2.2kW filter capable of using two arms.

Coral Iperjet DF Filter

The Coral Iperjet range of fume & dust filters also employ horizontal cartridges, with similar ability to the Cleaning & Jetclean filters, but have the added advantage of handling dust & fume from thermal cutting at larger air flows, ranging from 220m3/hr to 6500m3/hr. (3500 for thermalcut) Cartridge cleaning is achieved automatically simply by connecting to an air supply and setting the cleaning frequency to individual requirements.

Coral Cleanup

Kentech t-weld


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